Vinod (Vinny) Verghese MA, MTS, MSc Registered Psychologist: 3249

Vinod (Vinny) Verghese
Registered Psychologist: 3249


The field of therapy is confusing for most of us. There are myriad schools of thought, coupled with several approaches, many of whom claim to be the panacea to the ilk’s of modern living.  As a psychologist, it is important for me to me to meet a person where they are at, and collaboratively move in a positive direction. I also believe that as a professional, it is important for me to be current in my clinical skills and to ensure that I stay current through ongoing education. My main areas of interest have been in couples counseling, trauma, alcohol/substance abuse and risk assessment.

Prior to being a Psychologist for the past 11 years, I trained as a Chaplain and worked as a Social Worker. As a Psychologist I have worked with many individuals, couples and families to ensure that their cultural and unique experiences are understood and enhanced. My approach has been informed by an evolving sensitivity to issues faced by individuals in a post-modern world. For the past eight years, my practice has been focused on historical or intergenerational trauma and the complex manifestations of these traumas in the forms of mental health challenges, addictions, violence, self-harm and difficult relationships with self and others.

I have also focused on working with couples, who have experienced the pain of trauma, addictions and intimate violence, and who are willing to address their issues in a safe environment.

I have worked with individuals who have been charged with Impaired Driving and Domestic Violence. I have been considered as an expert witness by the Provincial Courts on several Impaired Driving and Domestic Violence cases.

I thank you for taking the time to visit my website, and I hope that you will give me the opportunity to work with you soon.

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